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The Faculty of Economics

​​​​​The Faculty of Economics of DonNU is one of the prestigious educational centres of the region. Throughout its history, it has prepared more than 45,000 highly qualified specialists for all sectors of the economy. Many of them have made a worthy contribution to the development of the country.

High level of professional training of students is a result of the coordinated work of the Faculty of Economics staff.

New popular specialties, high level of education technology complement the teachers’ professionalism and allow the faculty to remain at the forefront of education and science.

All the specialties have the highest IV level of accreditation and training of students in Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s programmes is provided.

Throughout their study students get not only fundamental theoretical knowledge, research and practical skills in various spheres but also develop their leadership skills and learn how to think unconventionally and make difficult decisions.

All of this allows the Faculty of Economics to produce professionals which are demanded not only in the national labor market but also far beyond. Occupying high positions in business, public administration, public organizations and holding positions of lecturers at the best educational institutions of our country, graduates of the Faculty of Economics prove once again a decent level of training and high educational standards of the university.

Faculty of Economics of Donetsk National University is a choice of successful people with an active lifestyle who aspire to economic independence and ready to build their financial well-being with their own efforts!