For applicants

Dear applicants!

You are on the threshold of a new life, and each of you is faced with a difficult and extremely responsible choice. What to dedicate your life to? Which way to choose to ensure your well-being and material independence?

Everyone makes this choice in their own way. But if you are confident and focused, if you can predict the situation and think strategically, if you want to reach the top of your career and start your own business, the Faculty of Economics will be happy to welcome you among its students and teach you the most difficult economic problems.

By setting high educational standards, the staff of the Faculty of Economics strives to ensure that your investment in the future is justified, so that the experience and knowledge gained by you in the learning process contribute to your successful development in any field of economic relations.

Remember, a career starts with education! So make every effort to become a winner in a difficult competitive selection and enter the Faculty of Economics!

Good luck to you and perseverance!

The staff of the Faculty of Economics

Bachelor's degree

Educational and qualification level of a person who on the basis of complete general secondary education has acquired basic higher education, fundamental and special skills and knowledge of the generalized object of work (activity), sufficient to perform tasks and responsibilities (work) of a certain level of professional activity, provided for primary positions in a particular activity.

The term of study is 3 years 10 months and is reduced by one or two years in the case of admission on the basis of the educational and qualification level of a junior specialist in the specialty corresponding to the field of training. A person who received a bachelor’s degree, after passing special exams on a competitive basis, has the right to free or paid (depending on the number of free places and personal success of the graduate) to continue education to obtain the next level – master’s degree.

A bachelor’s degree is a certificate of full basic higher education. It gives the graduate the right to employ those positions that require higher education in accordance with their qualification requirements.

Master's degree

Master’s degree is an educational and qualification level of a specialist who, based on a bachelor’s (specialist’s) qualification, has acquired in-depth special knowledge and skills of research and innovation, has some experience in their application and production of new knowledge to solve problematic professional problems.

The master’s program is based on in-depth specialization, individualization, research. It is focused on training specialists for research and teaching activities, to work in the field of science-intensive technologies. A characteristic feature of a master’s degree should be a high level of methodological culture, creative mastery of methods of cognition and activity, solving non-standard, innovative problems.