Department of Management and Behavioral Economics

Department of Management and Behavioral Economics

 «Talent wins games, and teamwork wins championships»

«Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that anyone will want to tackle them»

The Department of Management and Behavioral Economics was established in 2017 through the union of two departments: Department of Management and Department of Human Resources Management and Labor Economics. The first was founded in 1969 as one of the earliest departments of the Faculty of Economics, whose goal was to meet the demand of the economy for experts in the management of organizations to provide effective economic activity and social development. The second one was opened in 1974 to train professionals in the field of personnel management, scientific organization of labor, remuneration and standardization, and social and psychological principles of management.

Mission of the Department of Management and Behavioral Economics of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University is to train professionals in the field of economics and management (competitive, intellectual, and innovative, harmoniously developed) who are integrated into society and can take responsibility for the activities of the organization they manage.

Strategic goal of the department is to ensure high quality training of managers, HR professionals and labor economists who will be in demand by the labor market, will have the skills of the future and be able to solve complex professional problems based on the development of the department’s human, scientific and innovative potential.

Directions of the Department’s development for 2019-2024 to implement the strategic goal:

1. strengthening the human resource potential and increasing its loyalty;

2. development of scientific potential and project activities;

3. implementation of a new paradigm of quality assurance in higher education;

4. internationalization of educational and scientific activities;

5. updating the forms of career guidance and marketing promotion of educational and scientific services;

6. formation of a worldview space for personal development.

The department trains higher education applicants in the specialties “Economics”, “Management”, “Social Welfare” in three degrees of education: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral.

Applicants for higher education study in the following educational programs:

051 Business Economics (Business Analytics. Enterprise Economics. Human Resources Management) (Bachelor’s degree);

051 Economics (Doctor of Philosophy);

073 Management (Bachelor’s degree);

073 Management of Organizations and Administration (Master’s degree);

073 Management (Specialized Degree Program “Doctor of Philosophy”);

232 Social Entrepreneurship (Master’s degree).

The teaching staff of the department is represented by highly qualified specialists in the field of economics, management, and HR-management, who constantly improve their skills in accordance with modern requirements. The department develops external relations with leading educational institutions, organizations and enterprises, government agencies of Ukraine, neighboring countries and abroad, which allows it to train high-quality specialists.

The department develops scientific schools of research on modern problems of personnel management and labor economics and modern management problems. Doctors of Philosophy and Doctors of Science are trained, and the Department’s researchers take an active part in the training of highly qualified scientific personnel (supervision of doctoral and postgraduate students, membership in specialized academic councils in other universities, acting as official opponents, reviewing dissertations and abstracts); they are members of the editorial boards of domestic and foreign scientific journals (“Economics and Management Organization”; “Social and Labor Relations”; “Economic and legal paradigm of modern society”).

The scientific activity of higher education students is also developing, the effectiveness of which is reflected in the publications of students, their participation in scientific conferences, different types of competitions, student research papers and master’s theses.

The international context of the Department’s educational and research activities is realized in the following areas:

– participation of students and teachers of the department in international academic mobility programs, in particular in the Erasmus+ Program;

– participation of the Department’s staff in the implementation of international projects (TACIS-TEMPUS Impress Project, International Technical Assistance Project “Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance” (PLEDDG), MATRA program: project “Educational online platform for the development of entrepreneurial and social competencies of the population of Donbas”, project of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) “Integrated Urban Development in Ukraine”, etc.)

– participation in scientific events held by foreign universities;

– foreign internships.

Історія кафедри

Історія розвитку кафедри менеджменту та поведінкової економіки є історією двох кафедр економічного факультету.

Кафедра менеджменту була заснована в 1969 році як кафедра економіки, організації і управління промисловими підприємствами з метою задоволення попиту економіки у фахівцях з  ефективного управління господарською діяльністю та соціальним розвитком організацій…


Educational programs

Specialty 051 “Economics”

Educational program “Human Resources Management and Labor Economics” (Bachelor’s degree)


Educational program “Human Resources Management and Labor Economics” (Master’s degree)


Educational program “Business Economics (Business Analytics. Enterprise Economics. Human Resources Management)” (Bachelor’s degree)


Educational program “Economics” (Doctor of Philosophy)


Specialty 073 Management

Educational program “Management” (Bachelor’s degree)


Educational program “Personnel Management” (Bachelor’s degree)


Educational program “Management of organizations and administration” (Master’s degree)


Educational program “Management in the judiciary” (Master’s degree)


Educational program “Management of educational institutions” (Master’s degree)


Educational program “Management” (Doctor of Philosophy)