Learning through research

Department of International Economic Relations

Learning through research

Scientific research and organization of scientific activities at the Department of International Economic Relations is carried out on the principles of innovative education based on the technology of “learning through research”. The National Doctrine of Education Development of Ukraine in the XXI century defines technology “learning through research” as a catalyst of educational activities in the modern university, and the development of research abilities of higher education applicants as a necessary condition for learning.

The aim of the research technology of education is to provide higher education applicants with research skills as a universal way of mastering activities, the development of the ability to research thinking, activation of personal research position on the basis of the acquisition of subjectively new knowledge.

Implementation of the technology “learning through research” by the Department of International Economic Relations provides:

  •  expansion and deepening of professional academic knowledge and skills in the field of international economic relations;
  •  gaining by the applicants the skills for further development by:

– initiating and justifying innovative research;

– presentation of own research results to the world research or business community;

– fundraising and project management;

  •  integration into the global professional/ scientific community through interaction with experienced scientists and experts at conferences, methodological seminars, olympiads, scientific competitions