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Department of Finance and Banking

​The purpose of education is not to fill the head with facts,

​ but learning how to use the mind.

​Henry Ford

History of Finance and Banking Department began in April 1969 and during this time the it has developed, creating a tradition acquired the authority of high quality training in the latest stage of the activity with integration to European standards in the national system of bachelors and masters

The department is headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Alexandra Laktionova, professional and personal development of who took place in the home university - from student to head of department. Over the last three years the department was able to restore the best traditions of training and fill them with modern methods of learning process, develop a perspective of a gram and courses. In 2017 firstly students were enrolled in the master's program of double diplomas “International Financial management” by Bulgaria. The department employs 9 teachers, including 1 doctor of economic sciences, 8 PhD. Teaching applied disciplines provides practices that combine scientific research, management activities with the training of professionals, filling the learning process with new opportunities for development and motivation for students.

Scientific and methodical work of the Department

The department takes an active part in the formation of the annual professional scientific journal "Finance, Accounting, Banks", is the organizer and co-organizer of international scientific and practical conferences:

  • Ukrainian scientific conference of students and young scientists "Problems of social and economic systems in the national and global economy" (Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University, m. Vinnytsya);
  • IV All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference "Development of the financial market in Ukraine: problems and prospects" (Poltava National Technical University named after Y. Kondratyuk);
  • International Conference "Actual Socio-Economic Problems of the State and Regions: Crisis Strategy and Sustainable Development" (countries co-organizers: Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland).

The department's potential for development of scientific work is associated with postgraduate students who work in the areas of the scientific school of the department and have decent results. Postgraduate students - graduates of the Department work as teachers in leading universities of Ukraine, and it is recognition of their level of qualification. Students successfully practice in leading enterprises, companies and organizations, and receive work there. Students' activity is manifested in academic mobility - 3 students are studying abroad (Czech Republic, Germany), 5 were undergoing language training abroad (USA).

The department has a School of Young Financiers, where teachers in popular science form acquaints future students with the specifics of future professional activities.

The most important works of the teachers of the department