History of the Department

History of Finance and Banking Department began in April 1969 and during this time the it has developed, creating a tradition acquired the authority of high quality training in the latest stage of the activity with integration to European standards in the national system of bachelors and masters.

The department is headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Alexandra Laktionova, professional and personal development of who took place in the home university – from student to head of department. Over the last three years the department was able to restore the best traditions of training and fill them with modern methods of learning process, develop a perspective of a gram and courses. In 2017 firstly students were enrolled in the master’s program of double diplomas “International Financial management” by Bulgaria.

The department employs 9 teachers, including 1 doctor of economic sciences, 8 PhD. Teaching applied disciplines provides practices that combine scientific research, management activities with the training of professionals, filling the learning process with new opportunities for development and motivation for students.