Oriekhova Tetiana Viktorivna

Position: Professor of the Department of International Economic Relations, Dean of the Faculty of Economics

Scientific degree: Doctor of Economics

Academic title: Professor

Education: Donetsk State University, 1994, specialty – “Economics and Sociology of Labor”, qualification – economist

email:  [email protected]

Profile: http://rang.donnu.edu.ua/?pg=kt&nu=147#search

Research interests: Formation of competitive strategies of national producers in the modern paradigm of the global economic environment

Disciplines taught: “Global Economics”, “Global problems of economic development”, “International Management”.

Research activities:

1. Head of the initiative research topic “Formation of competitive strategies of national producers in the modern paradigm of the global economic environment” (state registration number – 0118U002395) – 2018-2020.

2. Supervisor of 14 defended candidate’s dissertations in the specialty 08.00.02 – world economy and international economic relations and 1 defended dissertation for the degree of “Doctor of Philosophy”.

3. Head of the Scientific School of International Economic Relations of Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University.

4. Member of the editorial boards of scientific journals: “International Economic Policy” (Index Copernicus), “Journal of European Economics” (Index Copernicus), “Economics. Organization of Management “,” Business Management “(scientific publication of the D.A. Tsenov Academy of Economics, Svishtov, Bulgaria).

The total number of scientific works – more than 130 scientific works and scientific and methodical works, including 10 individual and collective monographs, 2 copyright certificates.

Articles in foreign publications and publications indexed in the international scientometric databases Scopus and Web of Science:

1. Orekhova T., Atamanchuk Z., Makohin Z. Organizational and Economic Mechanism of the Tourist Industry Functioning. Financial and credit activity: problems of theory and practice. Vol 2. No 33. Р. 232-238 (Web of Science).

2. Orekhova T. Modern Challenges in Development of Global Economic System. Economic well-being through knowledge sharing: Collection of reports on the thematic area “Economy, State, Society”. Svishtov: SA “Dimitar A. Tsenov”, 2016. P. 28-46. 3. Oriekhova T., Tertychiy Ya. Current Trends Of Electronic Commercial Development In The World Markets. Business Management. 2019. Issue 4. URL: https://bm.uni-svishtov.bg/title.asp?title=1458

Articles in professional publications:

1. Oriekhova T.V., Gnylorybov M.A. Directions of formation of an innovative component of the international competitiveness of world producers of metallurgical products. Collection of scientific works. “Theoretical and practical aspects of the economics of intellectual property.” 2015. № P. 27–33. (in Ukrainian)

2. Oriekhova T.V., Ishchuk Yu.A. The impact of the main global problems of today on the development of the world economy. Bulletin of Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University. Series: World Economy and International Economic Relations. 2017. Issue 9. Volume 25. P. 44-58. (in Ukrainian)

3. Oriekhova T.V., Ivanov A.V. Impact of cross-border mergers and acquisitions on the competitive environment. Collection of scientific works “Economics and organization of management”. 2017. № 2. P. 21–28. (in Ukrainian)

4. Oriekhova T.V., Tertychnyi Ya.S. Drivers of transformations of international production systems in the conditions of digitalization of the global economy. Collection of scientific works “Economics and organization of management”. 2017. № 3. P. 29–38.

5. Oriekhova T.V., Ivanov A.V. Imperatives of the interaction of investment and the process of cross-border mergers and acquisitions. International relations. Economic Sciences Series. 2017. № 10. Electronic edition. URL: http://journals.iir.kiev.ua/index.php/ec_n/article/view/3491/3161 .

6. Oriekhova T.V., Ivanov A.V. Determinants of the formation of competition policy of countries. Collection of scientific works “Economics and organization of management”. 2018. № 3. P. 6–15.

7. Oriekhova T.V., Dubel M.V. The impact of the digitalization process on the development of e-commerce in Ukraine. Collection of scientific works “Economics and organization of management”. 2018. № 3. P. 81–89.

8. Oriekhova T.V. Circular economy as a global imperative. Journal of European Economy. 2019. T. 18. № 4 (71). P. 360-371.

9. Oriekhova T.V., Martsenyuk O.V., Yakymova N.S. Expert study of conditions and potential threats to doing business in Vinnytsia region. Economics and organization of management. № 4. P. 210-218.


1. Anti-crisis development strategy of Ukraine: socio-economic, financial and global challenges: a monograph / by general. Ed. A.V. Sydorova. Vinnytsia: DonNU, 2016. P. 60 – 80. (in Ukrainian)

2. Competitive strategies of national producers of agro-industrial products in the modern paradigm of the global economic environment: a collective monograph / for general ed. T.V. Oriekhova and others. Vinnytsia: DonNU , 2019. 144 p. (in Ukrainian)

3. Multinational enterprises and the global economy: a monograph / Ed. O.I. Rochacha. K .: Publishing House “Center for Educational Literature”. 2020. 368 p. (in Ukrainian)

Course books and manuals:

1. Oriekhova T.V., Kozlovskyi S.V., Khadzhynov I.V. and others. International business: textbook / for general ed. T.V. Oriekhova. Vinnytsia: Vasyl Stus DonNU, 2017. 425 p. (in Ukrainian)

2. International economic relations: textbook / for general ed. T.V. Oriekhova and others. Vinnytsia: Vasyl Stus DonNU, 2019. 464 p. (in Ukrainian)

Social activities:

1. Member of the UN Working Group PRME Anti-Poverty.

2. Adviser to the Head of the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration (2014-2019).

3. Honorary Doctor of the Academy of Economics named after DA Tsenova (Svishtov, Bulgaria).

4. Oriekhova T.V. led and participated in 14 international projects under the programs of the European Commission Tempus, Erasmus +, the British Council in Ukraine, the Renaissance Foundation. The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania and the Research Council of Lithuania, the Government of Germany DAAD, the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands “Matra”.

5. Participated in ERASMUS + and British Council academic mobility programs at the D. Tsenov Academy of Economics (Svishtov, Bulgaria), Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK), Aristotle University (Thessaloniki, Greece), Savoy Mont Blanc University (Chambery, France).

6. In 2019 she was trained in the project “Forming a network of experts to ensure the quality of higher education” and “New accreditation system as a means of quality assurance and overcoming corruption in higher education” with the support of the Institute of Higher Education NAPS of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Center for Higher Education Research (Czech Republic). Successfully passed the test of basic knowledge to ensure the quality of higher education and received a certificate from the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.

7. Since 2019, an expert of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education