Lymar Valeriia Valeriivna

Position: Associate Professor of International Economic Relations

Scientific degree: Doctor of Economic Sciences

Academic title: Associate professor

Education: Donetsk National University, 2007, specialty – “International Economics”, qualification – Master of International Economics

email: [email protected]


Research interests: sustainable development, bioeconomy, international business, global economy, international trade

Subjects taught: International Economic Activity of Ukraine, International Advertising Management, International Strategies for Economic Development, Global Economics

Research activities

The total number of scientific papers is more than 60, including:

Articles in foreign publications and publications indexed in the international scientometric databases Scopus and Web of Science:

1. Lymar V. Bio-oriented agrarian economy investment prognosis in the EU countries. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies. 2018. № 5. P. 151-157. URL: (WEB OF SCIENCE).

Articles in professional publications:

1. Lymar V. Bioeconomy concept: scientific approaches to understanding. Global and national economic problems. № 11. P. 154–159. URL: .

2. Lymar V.V. The concept of smart specialization for the development of bio-oriented economy: European experience. Economics and organization of management. № 3 (23). P. 210-218. URL: . (in Ukrainian)

3. Lymar V., Talavyria M., Baidala V., Golub R. Approaches to the definition of production determinants of bio-oriented economy. Economics of agro-industrial complex. № 7. P. 39-43. URL:

4. Lymar V.V., Talavirya M.P., Baidala V.V. Possibilities of using the concept of the national innovation system as a basis for the transition to the bioeconomy. Scientific Bulletin of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. Series “Economics, Agricultural Management, Business”. Kiev. 2016. P. 320–329. URL: . (in Ukrainian)

5. Lymar V., Talavyria M., Baidala V. Indicators for analysis of the bioeconomy in Ukraine. Economics of agro-industrial complex. №3. P. 44-50. URL: .

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16. Lymar V.V., Demyanova Yu. Transformation of labor relations in the conditions of formation of digital economy. Economics and organization of management. 2020. № 1. P. 139–148. URL:


1. Talavyria M., Baidala V., Riabchenko O., Lymar V., Dobrivska M., Talavyria O. Conceptual basis of bioeconomy formation and development: Monograph. Nizhyn: PP Lysenko MM, 2017.152 p.

2. Lymar V.V. Ensuring the development and efficiency of the bio-oriented economy in Ukraine: a monograph. Vinnytsia: LLC “Works”, 2019. 440 p. (in Ukrainian)

3. Competitive strategies of national producers of agro-industrial products in the modern paradigm of the global economic environment: a collective monograph / for general. ed. T.V. Oriekhova. Vinnytsia: DonNU, 2019. 144 p. (in Ukrainian)

Course books and manuals:

1. International economic relations: textbook / for general. ed. T.V. Oriekhova and others. Vinnytsia: Vasyl Stus DonNU, 2019. 464 p. (in Ukrainian)

Participation in international projects:

1. Participation in international mobility, 2017 – Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK).