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Prospective Student

Dear applicants!

You are standing on the threshold of a new life and facing extremely difficult and responsible choice. What to do in your life? Which path to choose so to secure the well-being and financial independence?

Everyone makes his/her own choice. If you are confident and purposeful in planning your life, if you are able to predict the situation and think strategically, if you want to reach the top of your career and even start your own business, the Faculty of Economics of DonNU is glad to welcome you among its students. We will teach you how to solve the most complex economic problems of nowadays.

Setting high educational standards the Faculty of Economics is eager to ensure that your investment in the future is justified and that experience and knowledge gained during your study would contribute to your success and professional growth in any field of economics.

Remember that career starts with education. So make every effort to become victorious in the difficult competitive selection and join the Faculty of Economics!

Good luck and persistence!

The Faculty of Economics staff